As fans, we are often wowed by the visual stories within our favorite music videos and taken away by the lyrics of our favorite songs, but we rarely consider the foundational work that goes into bringing these creative visions to fruition. Behind each and every chart-topping music video is a director working diligently to illustrate the music with a visual story.

French director Clément Oberto, currently based in L.A., is one of the rare creatives whose vision, drive and talent have led him to become the creative force behind numerous award-winning music videos.

French Director Clément Oberto — Photography by Pierre Ae

Well known for his passion and clear…

WE Day’s Executive Producer Calvin Mitchell with actress Kate Winslet — photography by Vito Amati

Charity events offer a remarkable opportunity to bring together people from around the world in support of a greater cause, but their noble aim by no means they’re easy to pull off. Regardless of the size and scale, a successful charity event requires a dedicated producer behind the scenes to bring everything together. One such producer, who channels passion and creativity into every show he produces, is Calvin Mitchell.

A man of exceptional talent, his expertise in producing fashion shows, live TV broadcasts and touring events has led him to work with some of the world’s most influential stars, including…

Composer Guy-Roger Duvert — Photography by Aaron Diamond

From the twists and turns of the narrative to the chemistry of the actors on screen to the diligent efforts of the crew behind the scenes, there’s no question that a myriad of factors come into play in order to lead a film to award-winning success. One of the most important though, the thing that can draw an audience in and incite emotions within them, is the music.

Capable of tying viewers to the story on a sentient level and expressing things that are often beyond the scope of words, music can represent the underlying tone of a film in…

Producer Rebecca Berrih on set of the award-winning film “Beyond The Sky” — photography by Samantha Hellmann (L-R: Bo Roses, Shawn Wallace and Richelle Taylor)

Behind every successful film is a producer who’s able to keep the momentum of the production moving forward while inspiring the entire team to deliver their best work.

Making a powerful name for herself in the film industry, leading French producer Rebecca Berrih’s repertoire of success includes writing, producing and directing numerous award-winning feature films and music videos.

She says, “Producing is about finding good projects and giving it all so the stars align and a movie happens, it’s about building momentum.”

Her state-of-the-art skill set and fierce commitment to her work was the foundation of success for her award-winning…

Video Artist — Denis Ogorodov

In the modern age where consumers find themselves overwhelmed by content and constant sales pitches, it takes a lot for a brand to stand out. With our society being more and more visually focused, intelligent brands turn to video artists, like Denis Ogorodov, to help get their message out to the masses.

From using his visual effects magic to help showcase the latest weapons for the popular video game “Remnant: From the Ashes” to creating a stunning set of commercials for Doctor’s Best wellness products, Ogorodov’s creative input has been a massive contributing factor to the success of the commercials…

Script Supervisor Tamara Hansen — photographed by Rolan Shlain

The fundamental weight of shooting a film rests heavily on the shoulders of the script supervisor, a role that is rarely glamorized or even mentioned in the media, but remains incredibly vital to a cohesive production. The role requires someone who is able to deliver meticulous notes and notice even the slightest of inconsistencies, which can inevitably determine the success of the final motion picture.

Crowned as the “secret weapon” on set by many distinguished Hollywood filmmakers, German script supervisor Tamara Hansen has truly established herself as an industry powerhouse across the modern world of film and television.

Her remarkable…

Kim Shapiro — Photographer: Arif Minhaz

A highly skilled producer is the driving force behind any great production, so it’s no wonder that they’re often referred to as the glue that holds the entire team together.

Along with being the sole communicator between director, artist and crew, a good producer is responsible for all of the business elements of a production from the pre production phase all the way up until its release.

Managing an entire production from every angle requires the skill set of a natural born leader, something that premier Israeli born producer Kim Shapiro is known for on an international level.

His astute…

Actor Shvan Aladdin shot by Bjoern Kommerell

Awarded with the “It Factor” title in Hollywood means having the ability to bring something remarkable to the table, something Kurdish actor Shvan Aladdin, who fuses his diverse talent with vast personal experience, is renowned for.

Gaining success as one of the only Kurdish actors in Hollywood, Aladdin began turning heads nearly a decade ago with his approach to accurately represent ethnic characters in a way that honours and supports diversity across film and television.

Proving that his talents extend far beyond the confines of standard typecast roles, his tactful approach catapulted Aladdin to stand out in the crowd and…

Blogger Polina Pushkareva

Today millions of people work remotely, a luxury that affords them the freedom to manage their time without the constraints of the traditional 9 to 5, travel at will and oftentimes live wherever they want in the world. Even with the many that have managed to break away from a life of going into the office, there are millions more who are still desperately trying to figure out how to create a remote career for themselves.

A few years ago Russian blogger Polina Pushkareva, who’s known internationally by her instagram handle @nioly where she has over one million followers, figured…

Rhian Bosco

Rhian is a freelance Journalist, Marketing & Events Manager and Yoga Facilitator permanently based in Sri Lanka.

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